David McCusker had a tree split in two in his back yard and land on the neighbor’s house. This reminds me of the time Alexis called me at work to tell me that the neighbor’s tree had fallen in our back yard. We have a relatively big yard for the city, but the tree came right up to the steps of our deck. It took out the old fence at the back and demolished our shed. Luckily both needed to go. Also, the insurance money we got to replace the shed and the fence just covered the removal of the tree (which the insurance would not cover). David is nicer than our neighbor — my neighbor didn’t offer to pay.

We still haven’t gotten a shed to replace the one that was destroyed. That is probably a bad move since we’ve had a few things stolen when people were doing other work on the exterior of the house. What is funny is that Alexis heard the people dragging the ladder to the street along side our house. But it was five o’clock in the morning and she wasn’t awake enough to do more than wonder why the people next door were getting out their ladder at such an early hour.

Is this what David means by having enough money so that he doesn’t have to worry about people nickle-and-diming him to death? The loss of an air-compressor, ladder, table-saw, and new bike didn’t bother me too much (and we didn’t get any money for any of it except the bike). It wasn’t until a week later when some other person took our relatively cheap trash cans that I lost it. Alexis laughed that I was determined to find the trash can theif, but let the other theives go.

And, really, I’m not sure why loosing $1000 worth of equipment didn’t bother me as much as the loss of those trash-cans. I certainly wanted the bike more than the trash-cans. Perhaps it was just the accumulation of assaults on my personal space. I can take a lot of intrusion. But you can push me too far.

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