Blogging from bed… That is what wireless ‘net access is for.

I finally deigned to accept a laptop from work (I would prefer to own my own), but I told them to give me an older model. So I got a Toshiba Portege 7020CT — these are selling on Ebay for around $500.

So, next week, when I’m at YAPC in St. Louis, I’ll have something to work with. Laptops are still kind of new to me, so I am trying to decide how to get at my data. That is, I have a home directory on another server that I would like to make sure is in sync. I won’t always have a network connection. So, I’m looking at InterMezzo or Coda, but both of those are experimental. And I just found Unison which offers:

several advantages over various synchronization methods such as CVS, Coda, rsync, Intellisync, etc. Unison can run on and synchronize between Windows and many UNIX platforms. Unison requires no root privileges, system access or kernel changes to function. Unison can synchronize changes to files and directories in both directions, on the same machine, or across a network using ssh or a direct socket connection.

Something like Unison would probably be a better bet anyway since it’ll let me sync my windows stuff, too.

Ultimately, what I’ll probably attempt to do is use something like SFS to remotely mount the repository (from the main box) when possible and sync that with my local repository using Unison.

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