Ooh! SysAdmin gig using free software to promote human rights:

Is this for you?

Imagine that we come across a group that has dozens of megabytes of somewhat broken data in an ancient DOS-based format. Does it sound like drudgery or a fun challenge to port all the data into (say) MySQL and write scripts to figure out how it works and to make sure it’s all clean? Or does it sound exciting to fly to (say) Guatemala and help a think tank move all their stuff off of a proprietary network and office suite into free software, dealing with crummy hardware and thousands of legacy files in a coherent way, plus teaching their finance people how to use the new stuff? Or to spend a weekend figuring out encrypted linux filesystems so we can travel with data through some high-security situation?

It sounds so nice. If I were in D.C. and my dad wasn’t just finishing a kitchen that Alexis has said is so nicely built for her short stature that I really can’t move.

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