I’ve been quiet here because, behind the scenes, I’m pretty busy. You probably didn’t notice (unless you are a user of everybody.org), but the box was down for an extended period of time. batman (the main server) is a dual PPro that is badly in need of replacement. The fix this time around was to more securely attach the CPU fan to the power source (solder) to keep the box from over-heating.

So, Alexis (money-manager for our family) is going to loan Jeff and I money to buy a new system. One problem: we have to codify the business aspect of everyhost.com for her (we plan to pay for this with income from everyhost.com). I suppose this is the frustrating, but necessary part of doing business, and, certainly, my wife is going to be more lenient than a bank (no interest on the loan!) but still, it is discouraging to think about things in terms of “who gets what” when I’d much rather just implicitly trust Jeff to be equitable.

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