Mike Sanders quotes Ken Layne: Anybody who thinks it’s cute to blow up children and call it politics doesn’t deserve to play the game. That goes for Tim McVeigh, ETA, the IRA and the PLO. He left out an acronym: the IDF kills children, too.

Mike and Ken seem to lump all Palestinians in with the suicide bombers — they seem to say that because the bombers exist, all Palestinians should be oppressed. This is surely Israel’s reasoning and they both have nary a word to say Israel’s strategy might, possibly, be wrong.

In the meantime, supporters of Israel wonder how those of us with pacifist tendencies can remain so in the face of the terrible violence. Those of us (at least myself) look at these supporters and think Can’t they see the cycle of violence they are helping to perpetuate?

And, Mike, here is a truth that demonstrates multiple simultaneous truths: Israel is the new anti-semite.

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