Tonight is resume night.

Yesterday it was announced that the corporate IT department had to drop everything and develop an description of what we do for tomorrow. One co-worker called it “dazzle ’em with documentation”. This documentation was for the new head of finance (the corporate IT department is a part of corporate finance). Their budget is how big? What do they do, again?

This, combined with some savage political shenanigans and the probability that the companies IT department will be leaving town leads me to look for saner pastures.

In truth, I would prefer to stick around. The climate isn’t too bad, except when it is. The pay is good (and I just got a loan to get a new roof). And, although the motivation of many of the people there completely escapes me and the BS factor is sky high, they are generally a good bunch of guys (the only woman I worked with left a month or two ago).

Since a web-search is de rigueur now-a-days when hiring, posting this might affect my chances of getting hired somewhere, but I’ve got plenty of time. And there is the off-chance that someone at work will come across my blog and freak, but I don’t think they’re going to see it. That won’t be a safe assumption after I land somewhere else, though.

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