Looking over today’s posts, I note that I’ve been posting more than usual. I think I know why.

Yesterday, the toxicity around my workplace really began to get to me. The unusual event that started it all was that the Director had two helpdesk techs fired. I’m sure they could have worked harder, but the fact is that they were being blamed for other people’s poor planning, and because the director need some scapegoats, he fired these two peons. Which is sad and shows the lack of concern for the individual.

Today, I also came across some old David McCusker posts wherein he talked about avoiding sharecropper-hood. This is where I’m headed.

I don’t want to be drained of worth and then replaced, like those helpdesk techs. I am not a cog in your damn wheel. I don’t understand why people value the hierarchy more than the individual, and I can’t stand it when an organisation takes precedence over the individual.

Mostly what bugs me is the complete lack of love. Of course, love is unprofessional, not a corporate value, complicated, and just plain messy. It also stands against modernism — because modernism is about the rational, and the objective and love continues despite being irrational and complete subjective.

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