Tonight, at midnight, I’ll be celebrating Pascha with my family and people at church. In just a bit, I’m going to go buy some wine and beer (the first I’ve had in quite a while) for the celebration afterward. It is quite a party.

As I type, my father is banging away, putting some cabinets in place. I really wish he would join us tonight, but it seems that he would rather have nothing to do with Orthodoxy. I’m glad he still feels motivated to put in the cabinets, though.

Speaking of which, our old, greasy kitchen is slowing coming into place. We’ve thrown out the old stove, bought a dishwasher, and, finally, have a hood so that grease doesn’t go flying all over the room. Yah!

Oh, and a new roof soon. If I spend any more money, I’ll scream.

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