I said that Radical Orthodoxy got me thinking, but check this quote: Only Christian theology now offers a discourse able to position and overcome nihilism itself.

This is really great stuff. I’m impressed because it squares with my own independent thinking. Especially this statement (which directly follows the above quote):

How did nihilism come to pose such a threat? Milbank traces revisionist history of the Western world in which the main villain isn’t Machiavelli or Attila the Hun, but a 13th century Scottish “metaphysician” named John Duns Scotus (from whose name “dunce cap” is said to have been derived). “Scotus inaugurated a tendency for talking about reality as if it consisted of discrete objects, atoms, facts,” Milbank told me. “Things that we can talk about without any values.”

I’m not a philosopher — I haven’t taken any philosophy classes or read many philosophy books — so that quote really helps me understand what Nicolai Berdiaev says about objectivity and why he values subjectivity over objectivity.

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