My friend Jim (now gone to seminary), sent me a pointer to an article about Orthodoxy and the ecumenical movement.

The article makes some good points about how “traditionalism” is really a relatively modern phenomena. Also, it points out that many of the Traditionalists are converts where the people who have an actual tradition in their family of Orthodoxy are more universal. Which is true, and I’m sure I’ve been one who acts a little traditionalist at times.

But, what really caught my attention was this statement:

How many of us really believe that in Christ, crucified and risen, it is possible for us to overcome division, to understand each other’s situation, to make each other’s pain and joy our own?

It strikes a nerve with me because so often we (Christians) do limit what Grace is capable of with our own pettiness. Instead of embracing with Love, we look throw up roadblocks.

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