Now for something distinctly unpopular. I read this piece by Maureen Dowd this morning in our paper. She rants about patriarchy and the evil it entails. And, inasmuch as men have suppressed and abused women, I’ll agree patriarchy is a bad thing. But, too often this is simply used as an argument to put women into positions that are exclusively male.

The premise of this common argument seems to be that if we just allowed the other gender into these “power” roles, it would end the abuse that people in these positions perform.

Why do we have this idea? We see abuses perpetrated by women every day, where mothers kill their children and teachers have sex with their students. Are these abuses not perpetrated by the incumbent matriarchy?

So, while Ms. Dowd has some good points, sick things don’t happen simply because because women are oppressed and the answer to abuse is not as simple as “let in the women”. To say that is to idealize the feminine, to ignore the feminine capacity for evil.

By the way, Jennifer L. Balderama provoked me to post this with her comments yesterday on the Dowd article.

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