David Rogers responded to my comments about branding and how he integrates that with caring about people. Specifically:

I choose not to work in branding endeavors that involve products and services that are harmful to others. Nor will I do branding work where there is dishonesty and manipulation. That kinda narrows down the job possibilities, doesn’t it?

David also mentions that one of the clients he has is an old brand trying to

transform the company’s products and services in such a way that what customers think and feel about it are congruent with reality. Rather than telling customers what they should think or feel about it, the company lets them discover and develop it on their own through their experience with the company’s products, services and people. This is a “Customer First” branding strategy.

I can certainly respect that. He’s right, branding in and of itself isn’t manipulative, but it can be used to manipulate, just like computers can be used for neferious purposes.

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