One reason I want to continue to watch David Rogers (besides the fact that he roasts his own coffee) is that he reviews Love is the Killer App.

I soon found that work was much more fulfilling and fruitful when I cared for those with whom I worked.

This makes me want to check out the book and it gives me an interest in what else he has to write. So, I went to look at his resume. In it, he writes that he has Unique and outstanding creative writing abilities for audiences of all levels, with a specialty in brand strategy, training and corporate communications.

I’m not a writer — that isn’t how I earn my living — so I probably have the wrong perspective on things. But nevertheless, I find it curious that someone who professes love for others at the same time has been busily employed in “brand strategy”.

Curious, because “branding” is not an act of love, but one of control. Now, I suppose he could be loving his Corporate Masters and indifferent to the objects of their “brand strategy”, but that seems just a little incongruous to me.

I confess I have a distinct distaste for modern marketing and the materialistic nature of modern culture, so I’m skewed away from the norm, but I find it the entire concept of brands distasteful. We brand cattle — and I prefer to avoid a swoosh tattoo.

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