I mentioned to Jeff Seifert last night that we should reinstate our cycling competition to see who could rack up the most miles in a years time.

Part of the reason for this is that on my way home last night I overheard a 40-something-year-old guy say that age meant he was often exhausted beyond action. Age does have an effect on physical fitness, but I see no reason why you should let age keep you on your back. The best reason I’ve found so far for this is on Ken Kifer‘s Why I ride a bike page:

One day, returning to Alabama by bike, I stopped to wash my clothes in Roanoke, Virginia. Two fellows were also doing laundry. They admired my courage and physical fitness, and one of them said, “I’d like to do something like that, if I were as young as you are.” “How old are you?” I asked. He said, “forty-three.” I said, “I’m almost fifty-one.”

Of course, Jeff reminded me that I have a wife, three children, and I’m trying to start a business. So, perhaps I’ll have to settle for lengthening the ride home instead.

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