Man, oh, man, have I been behind the proverbial eight-ball.

My boss left Thursday — he was off Friday — with some snide comment about having to do damage control for me tomorrow because it didn’t look like I was going to have these two new Netra’s configured on time. And, to be frank, he was right, I had been slacking.

So, with the realization that I needed to get it together, I worked late on Thursday and Friday doing the installation. Thursday, I found that we didn’t have the right Solaris 8 CDs. The “right” ones being the set released last October.

So I called my friend (who was at home) to borrow a copy from him at MMS (and also called Sun who shipped me a new set).

Friday morning, I drove over there (this being one of the only times I’ve taken a car to work by myself during the past year), picked up the CDs and … the car wouldn’t start.

After a bit of panicing, I got the car started (lucklily there is a mechanic right accross from MMS — the poles on the battery were corroded) and got back to work.

So, like I said, I worked late Friday and, then, in a fit of insanity (as well as dedication to coming to work Monday with the job done), I went to work for about four hours Saturday. (I was there till midnight. It is worth noting that I rode to work comfortably in short sleeves and shorts and not so comfortably back as the temperature had dropped 20 degrees and wind had popped up about 10 MPH.)

Today, I came back to work, and, finally, I’m done. I estimate that I’ve spent 16 hours in overtime on this mad dash.

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