From an article in today’s paper about what makes a better athelete: Quite simply, love what you do. They give this advice to people who are looking to be “successful” at whatever their weekend sport is.

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness and success and making a living. And about how they are interrelated. I’ve come across an amazing number of people who seem to be uninterested in what their work is. They hate going to work, or at least they feel powerless — unable to escape the treadmill they really would rather not be on.

These people have developed a sense that they cannot do what they love. Instead, they’ve sacrificed their interests at the alter of Mammon, and for the sake of money, they hate their job.

Now, I’m not suggesting that work is always fun for me. But, overall, I’m involved in activities that I love to do. I’m working at things I, generally, enjoy doing. I don’t hate my job.

I do tend to be a little obsessive. I go home, and, after putting the kids to sleep, I’ll end up doing more of the same stuff. Playing with Operating Systems, programming a small project, geeking out with a new piece of software. My hobby looks very similar to my work.

There are others who’s avocation is practically the same as their vocation. But, far too many people have seen money as the goal, instead of joy, happiness, and contentment. And unscrupulous people have exploited that by creating jobs without meaning. These unscrupulous few have been deceived themselves. They’re the ones who made Enron tank — because their goal was money, not joy.

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