Dave Winer (not a poor man) wrote:

So many people I know bought California Lottery tickets last week. With the jackpot at $193 million, I guess people wanted a chance to make all that money. I wondered why, so I asked. “Oh I’d give money to all my friends,” one friend said to me. “They’d hate you then,” I said. She didn’t get it. Perhaps it doesn’t make sense at first, but then I heard a report on KCBS, they were interviewing people at the Half Moon Bay supermarket where one of the winning tickets was sold. “What would you do if a friend of yours won?” the reporter asked. “I’d kill them,” blurted the woman he was interviewing. I’m sure she wouldn’t actually kill the person, but the anger sounded real. I suppose if someone earns their wealth the hatred isn’t as deep, but most people don’t really think anyone earns that much money, not like you earn a paycheck or a diploma. And of course the lottery is pure luck. That much money divides you from almost everyone you know. In a sense, that’s what money is for, to buy distance. That’s why so many rich people are unhappy.

Dave probably knows what he’s talking about as he has a couple million or so himself. People hate the rich. They all want to be rich, but they hate them. Well, resent them, at least.

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