Reading through David McCuster’s weblog and really identifying with him. A bit of envy as well, perhaps, since he is obviously such a gifted coder, but a really thorough sense of identification. He says he is mostly INTP, which I tested to as well (especially since he says that the primary difference between INTP and INTJ seems to be that INTP usually doesn’t make lists).

And then he talks about the frustration of not having a hobby that is comprehensible to others. Right! Or about how he tries to have a family and maintain his coding.

He also doesn’t seek wealth for the sake of having and freely admits that he’d rather be working Part-Time.

It is interesting to contrast this POV with Dave Winer‘s who never looses site of his main goal: Making Money.

So, while I admire Dave Winer in many ways (and, indeed, I’ve been much more habitual about reading his weblog), I have a much deeper sense of identification with David McCuster.

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