This week, I sent a patch to Bill St. Clarir for his wonderful BlogMax — a blog utility done completely in Emacs. The patch (untested, but I’m fairly sure it would’ve worked), was code to implement one of his TODO’s: pinging whenever a BlogMax site is updated.

Unfortunatly, he couldn’t use it because it required xml.el, xml-rpc.el, and w3.el. He didn’t want to have that many dependencies in his code.

Now, this is completely understandable — the fewer dependencies your code has, the easier it is to tell someone how to get it to work — but at the same time, the other school of thought is that you can make your code that much more powerful by leveraging other people’s work.

Myself, I’m lazy. I prefer to leverage rather than re-bake. I prefer the well-done, baked for 2000 years, theology of the Orthodox to the post-Enlightenment theology of the Protestants.

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