[Humvee]Security is extremely tight for this Super Bowl. As I left work today, I noticed seven military HumVees in front of the CNG Tower (which is right next to the SuperDome). The are hosting a “Media Party” tonight in the mall that shares the building where I work (but who wants to party in the mall?) Chain link fences surround the Dome and they’ve closed off every street around it, including one highway exit ramp. At night they alternate between lighting the Dome with red, white, and, blue lights and green, yellow and, purple lights (since it is the middle of the Mardi Gras season).

Meanwhile this week in Time, there is a blurb about advertisers avoiding patriotic ads for SuperBowl TV spots because some people found the previous implicit association between patriotism and spending crass. I guess crass patriotism doesn’t bother the SuperBowl people, though. They’ve even covered the chain-link fences that surround the Dome with red, white, and blue bunting.

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