I hate sleep — it means that work takes up more of my life than I want it to. Sleep is good for my kids (so I get a few hours to myself), but, overall, I hate it.

I perused the archives for the blogger list today and came up with the specs for a couple more calls so I’ll be able to make it possible for you to go through posted messages on your blog with emacs and edit them.

Then I had a great idea for integrating htmlize.el in the blogger buffer so that you can add faces and whatever to your messages to make them pretty and stuff.

Hey, with Emacs21, you could drag-n-drop pictures into your emacs buffer and have them automatically posted to your site. Coolness!

That’s the real trouble with Emacs — too many navel-gazing programmers intent on programming. Not enough navel-gazing programmers intent on blogging.

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