My blogger.el is based on Simon Kittle’s blogger.el, but where his code calls a Perl program, this code uses xml-rpc.el. As of this writing, my mods to xml-rpc.el are needed to add support for boolean types. You can get my xml-rpc.el from here.

Differences between SK’s blogger.el and mine:

  • Doesn’t need any external programs. Uses xml-rpc.el.
  • I’ve added a bunch of defcustom’s here to make this integrate better with Emacs Customization interface.
  • Created a *Blogger* mode.
  • Made selection of a blog more intuitive. It queries the Blogger server and allows the user to choose the name of the blog from a list.


  • Add Ability to retrieve posts from server and edit.
  • RSS creation and notifications.
  • Implement Manila interface.

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