Totally exhausted tonight.

I was supposed to swap a tape drive on one of the machines. That went off ok (but Sun really shouldn’t change device names if the position on the SCSI chain changes — headache!).

But then the monitoring system started noticing some funny log messages. I found out more aout Big Brother than I really wanted to tonight. One good thing: it appears to expire messages after an hour or so. Didn’t seem to do that before. We’ll see. It is still paging me so I turned off my pager.

When it first started paging me, I was sitting right there and ignored it. Yep… I knew the systems were down. Then it stopped (or so I thought), so I finished up and headed home.

I was about a mile away when it started again. I had just crossed the bridge over I-10 and had to turn around and ride back over the bridge. Then I rode over it again to come back home. Ugh… My poor legs.

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