Since I’m in a writing mood, a quick comment about New Orleans politics. In the past couple of years, there has been a bit of ruckus about the payroll system that the public school board put together with Oracle’s help. Instead of out-sourcing payroll like any sane corporation would do, they spent a few million dollars to beta test there own system on the teachers. Since so many people (including a friend of mine) didn’t get paid or had the withholding done wrong, there was a lot of negative publicity about it. Oh, and the school board also lost almost all the people they had trained in Oracle (probably because those people soon learned they could double what they were making elsewhere).

That, of course, led to payroll snafus — like the superintendent’s father, a janitor, being paid more in overtime than any principal in the system got.

More great grist is provided by the mayor, Marc Morial, who recently attempted to get a third term by requesting an amendment to the city charter just for him. Today, in an op-ed piece, James Gill recounts a recent Sewage & Water Board meeting on the privitization that they Mayor is pushing. People had questions about why the Mayor was trying to make the privitization happen so fast, but Morial couldn’t be bothered with all the questions and responded “We do not appreciate being consistently and constantly questioned.”

And they wonder why we can’t attract any businesses to New Orleans.

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