Today I cycled a few miles on the levee. It reminded me that the romance of the Mississippi river is one of the big reasons I like New Orleans.

On this side of the levee, there is a track where trains move containers between the docks and shipping yards. Today there were two trains moving stuff in opposite directions. I rode a few hundred yards just a few feet from one of the trains. You can feel the massive power as you ride beside several tons of steel. It rumbles.

The Jungle over the LeveeOn the other side of the levee, it is pretty wild in some places. Between the levee and the river, it ranges from swampy to woodsy. A boy could have a lot of fun down there. My three year old had fun when I took him down there. We looked at the barges tethered by there long steel cables (as big as his arm) and pretended to run from the “Indians”. Along that side of the levee, you can get the feeling that Huckleberry Finn could still ride his raft down the river and, except for the fact that the steamboats would now be non-existent, replaced with other more modern ships, he would have much the same experience.

I’m starting to cycle again (besides my commute to work) because I weigh about 20 lbs. too much and I was reminded by a recent article in the Times Picayune how much energy cycling can burn (sorry, link will expire as there is only 14 days worth of archiving).

On the ride today, I noticed some things that need to be done with my bike. I plan to do some of those with my kids.

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