Here is a copy of a great article from the Wall Street Journal titled IP: the web runs on love, not greed. The internet is an amazing success:

Why don’t we see this miracle? Because large amounts of money can obscure larger evidence. So much money flew around dot-coms, that it hid the main event on the web, which is the exchange of gifts. While the most popular 50 websites are crassly commercial, most of the 3 billion web pages in the world are not. Only thirty percent of the pages of the web are built by companies and corporations like The rest is built on love, such as or The answer to the mystery of why people would make 3 billion web pages in 2,000 days is simple: sharing. While everyone was riveted by the drama of companies such as, we overlooked the steady growth of enthusiast sites and governmental depots such as Usenet and, to name some larger ones.

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