How disappointing… I can’t point you directly to Tina Cassidy’s article in the January 3rd issue of the Boston Globe on beards. It contains this quote:

Those who don’t [shave] choose not to for a reason, conscious or unconscious.

Well, of course!

I, for example, cut myself when I shave. My brother started shaving when his girlfriend said she thought he would look better beardless. Since shaving takes more concerted, consistent effort than not shaving, a more interesting question would be “Why do men shave?”. Another priceless quote that must be taken out of context (surely they are referring to the beardless men):

The gesture of changing one’s face is simply too powerful to be strictly conscious.

Uh… Aren’t those who shave the one’s who are changing their face? Beards, if I recall, are a natural occurance on men’s face.

Anyway, I wonder what Dave Winer would think of the article, especially given that he is a man of many opinions and that he has a beard

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