So, what needs to be done to get everyhost up and running? Jeff has a lot of the front-end stuff going, so we don’t need to worry about that, but some of what he wants to do is dependent on the backend — the stuff of sysadmin work.

  • Install 2.4.13 kernel with reiserfs quota patches. I’ve got reiserfs going on the system with 2.2.19 kernel, but there doesn’t seem to be quota patches availible for the 2.2 kernels. That, and I read over at Linux Weekly News that they finally got the Memory Management working properly under 2.4.12 .
  • Complete Cyrus authentication off of SASL/LDAP. The default debian package doesn’t have the latest Cyrus IMAPd, nor does it have SASL.
  • Complete Exim/LDAP mail routing. I’ve started on this and the basics seem to work. A secondary thing to do is get mailman working with virtual domains. This may be as easy as changing MAILMAN_HOME for every domain.
  • Copy over the mod_perl installation from our production server.
  • If I have time: install the updated acmemail. This is supposed to have a bunch improvements (like addressbooks) that we want.

I’ll try to add more as I think of it, but for now you can see what I’ve actually accomplished over here.

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