Oohh… Look another sysadmin with a weblog: Librenix — get it? Libre (free) nix.

From there, I found a pointer to an article by Nicholas Petreley on ext3 and reiserfs. Some good information that I didn’t know: reiserfs doesn’t journal data, just meta-data. That would explain the lossiness I’ve seen.

I’ve decided to try out SGI’s XFS for a filesystem instead of ReiserFS. I think I see some immaturity in ReiserFS and it bugs me. Corrupted files on reboot ain’t good.

While compiling the kernel, I ran into a Signall 11. Not a good thing. apt-get install gcc seems to have fixed it, though.

Also, after going home to El Dorado, AR for Thanksgiving, I’m getting a little nostalgic for a small town.

Basil (almost 3) and I laid out one night and looked up at the dark sky. He loved it. He also spotted a falling star and, later, so did I.

Alexis, though, wants to stay here, near her brothers, so I doubt that is going to happen soon.

At Thanksgiving, I said something about Buy Nothing Day. Of course, someone raised the objection of the poor economy.

But, check out Robert Riech’s piece on the recession and war:

But we don’t live to support an economy. The economy exists to support us and the standard of living we choose. And if terrorism reminds us that what we can buy is less important than the lives we want to lead, that’s OK with me and probably OK with you.

So, I turn on debugging so I can see what OpenLDAP thinks is going on and I see that the krb principal is put as UID=PRINCIPAL. But no realm! OpenLDAP should do some realm mapping!

I had a lot of success last night with getting LDAP working with Authentication and mail routing. Unfortunatly, I’ve managed to leave it in an instable state.

The big problem here is that I have to grok how all the parts fit together and that seems to be difficult for me right now. It seems to me that if LDAP is going to let you authenticate using GSSAPI over SASL, they should tell you who you are. You should be able to figure out who you are. They should clearly document how identity maps between SASL and LDAP.