Jeff didn’t make the whole Hilly 100 on his trip this past weekend. “Only” 55 miles.

Back when I was in college, I did the Tour for Cure. 150 miles. From SLU to Mississippi and back. As I recall, it wasn’t really easy, but it wasn’t impossible and I did make it all the way. It was made easy by the fuel stops they had every 10 miles. Pedal 10 miles, grab a bananna and go again. Kind of fun. And, no, I didn’t prepare for the trip.

Still, that was back in my college days. Since hitting 30, I’ve noticed things here and there not or two doesn’t working quite as well as they used to. Nothing to complain about, mind you. Just minor pain in my arm after long typing stints; a little back pain; etc.

So, I’m thinking that I might not find that 150 miles as easy as I once did. I’d probably have to work up to it a bit more than I did then.

Saw Our Town

Last night I saw this version of Thorton Wilder’s Our Town on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater. I marveled that Wilder was skillful enough to write a play about everyday life that would be so compelling.

Looking at what people have written about it on the Internet, today, I’m finding that some people have the attitude that this play is just too far in the past. They can’t relate to it. As the review I pointed to above says: … one can’t help get the feeling that this sleepy-town is having its intended effect. Allegory hangs heavily over Grover’s Corner, to the point where you start wishing they’d open a Starbucks. To me, this says the reviewer is a little too tightly bound to the times, that or this sort of play just isn’t his style (Read his review of Bat Boy, The Musical to see what I mean. Bat Boy is based on a re-curring charecter from that bastion of fake news: The Weekly World News.)